Body Tours Incorporated!

Congratulations! You have been elected the CEO of Body Tours Incorrated, a company which has perfected the technology to shrink down a human being and insert them into another human being for the purposes of tourism, learning, and entertainment!

Your first task as CEO is to develop your company’s tour packages for the upcoming 2012 summer season. You will create a series of 5-10 Keynote Slides which will create a brochure that will advertise your offerings.
You have several decisions to make:

  • What kind of human will you be visiting?
  • how will you get into the body?
  • Where will you go? What body systems will you focus on?
  • How will you develop your tour packages? How will they differ?


You must use at least 15 vocabulary words about the human body and focus your brochure on advertising AND education. By reading about your tour packages the people who read your brochure should learn about the human body!
You can use the blog for some possible websites to visit for information, or find your own. Your keynote brochure must include at least 3 sources and you need to write them down.
Some sources you can use:

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